Sheikh Asrar Rashid

Sheikh Asrar Rashid’s Politicised & Aggressive Narrative Is Abhorrent

Sheikh Asrar Rashid is active within British Muslim faith circles and has been a preacher for some years now. The sad fact is that Sheikh Asrar Rashid, incorporates a politicised and aggressive narrative within his religious edicts. Whilst religious leaders have sometimes historically strayed into political speech, we have to highlight the deeply corrosive speech that Asrar Rashid gave on the 13th of June 2021, at a lecture entitled ‘Al-Aqsa Read more

The scourge of Islamist Antisemitism

                 “Are we Jews forever doomed to live in fear?”               (Daniel Netz) At a time when Jews were being held hostage in the US, a Jewish follower on my Facebook, Daniel Netz, asked: “Are we Jews forever doomed to live in fear?” This not only brought tears to my eyes, but I was also left speechless Read more

Even After the Beth Israel Terrorist Attack Few Voices Tackle Islamism Within

Sadly, the Beth Israel antisemitic terrorist attack has seen Jewish communities targeted because they are Jews. British Islamist twitter feeds are playing out sympathy for the convicted extremist Aafia Siddiqui, rather than focusing on the antisemitic hostage taking of four people at the Beth Israel synagogue in Texas. This alone demonstrates the callous, political and highly inflammatory nature of Islamists. When Aafia Siddiqui was tried in the U.S. in 2010, Read more

The Rise of the Taliban Inspires Islamists. In Doing So, It Raises Risks for Jewish Communities

The recent rise of the Taliban and the take-over of Afghanistan, will no doubt, inspire non-violent Islamists and those who believe in values which underpin violence in order to enforce Islamist sentiment. Whilst the vast majority of British Muslims abhor the brutality and medieval nature of the Taliban, there are some who believe that the Taliban encompass a form of ‘liberation army’ that has freed Afghans from some form of Read more

Teachers Not Knowing When the Holocaust Started Is Deeply Worrying

The Jewish Chronicle has highlighted an article that makes for depressing reading. It states that, “A majority of teachers in England do no not know when the Holocaust began and lack the knowledge to challenge myths about it, according to new research by University College London’s Centre for Holocaust Education.” Worst still, most of the teachers could not tell when or where the Holocaust began and had little idea about the Read more

Jews Don’t Count. But Why Should They? A Book Review

By Wasiq Wasiq Antisemitism came to the public consciousness no greater than when the Labour Party, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, failed the Jewish community. So spectacular was this failure, that it led the Party to be investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). To put this into context, the only other party to gain the EHRC’s attention and therefore be subjected to an investigation was the Read more

Why We As Muslims Must Challenge Antisemitic Language Like This

The sad fact is that both Christian and Muslim communities have been affected by antisemitic tropes and language over specific times in history and in the modern world. The language and the tropes remain similar though historical events and linguistic impacts may be different. These tropes against Jews heighten when power relations are misused to blame or demonise Jews for problems that may be taking place in society, or when Read more

This Holocaust Memorial Day, we need to stand together against antisemitism

By Elizabeth Arif-Fear, Trustee Every year, on 27th January, the world commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day. Remembering the horrors of the past is essential in order to ensure to stop such tragic events from repeating themselves. This date is particularly poignant as it marks the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, where at least 1.1 people were murdered. Throughout the Holocaust, Jews, Roma, members of the LGBT+ community, political prisoners, disabled individuals Read more

The U.A.E. unites Yemeni Jewish Families Separated for Decades

The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) has facilitated two families of Yemeni Jewish heritage in their re-unification in the country. The U.A.E. helped in bringing together two Jewish Yemeni families and their relatives who had not seen each other for decades, this coming after the country facilitated the re-unification of another family of Jewish heritage a few months ago. These re-unification drives have been part of a warming of relations between Read more

Thousands of Israelis Will Visit the United Arab Emirates

The Abraham Accords have moved the politics of division in the Middle East to the point where flights of tourists are travelling to both Israel and the United Arab Emirates, with more visitors heading from Israel to the Gulf State. We believe that the mixing and engagement of communities is the only way to create stronger and more resilient cultural, research and economic links. This leads to less conflict in Read more