Appeals against conviction of Nazi camp guard dropped

All appeals against the conviction of a 93-year-old Nazi concentration camp guard have been dropped, a Hamburg court has said. The move makes the decision legally binding and paves the way for possible future prosecutions. Bruno Dey was convicted last month of 5,232 counts of accessory to murder in Hamburg state court – equal to the number of people believed to have been killed at Stutthof during his service there Read more

Antisemitism Takes the Form of ‘Anti-Zionism’ Within Parts of Our Co-Religionists

The sad reality is that the ‘Israel and Palestine’ circular debate has caused serious strains in community relations between Muslims and Jews in the last three to four decades. Much of this intolerance found itself couched in antisemitism through antisemitic tropes by a small but vociferous number of co-religionists. That openly antisemitic discourse changed in the last decade as antisemitism was increasingly highlighted and called out online and it morphed Read more

MAAS statement on Twitter’s failings to address perpetual antisemitic abuse

At Muslims Against Antisemitism (MAAS), we unequivocally condemn all forms of antisemitism and remain deeply shocked and disappointed by both the antisemitic abuse perpetuated by British rapper Wiley and the failure of Twitter authorities to adequately respond to the series of antisemitic and violent tweets sent over a recent 48 hour period, commencing on the 24th July 2020. Antisemitism is an increasing threat globally and we cannot and must not Read more

Mixed Marriages Between Muslims and Jews

Little is discussed about mixed marriages between Muslims and Jews. We know that these marriages have produced hope and endearing memories for many and we know that they also transcend religion and politics, so that people can connect with one another at a spiritual and personal level. Muslims Against Antisemitism is keen to hear from such mixed couples, so that we can highlight your experiences and your thoughts. More than Read more

Anti-Semitism: The Trap Muslims Fall Into When Discussing Israel And Palestine

Background I was asked to write a piece on the sensitive topic of Israel and Palestine and how some Muslims seem to find themselves reciting anti-semitic tropes when discussing the issue. At first, I was reluctant to agree to it, given that such a sensitive topic would be received both positively and negatively from most people on either side of the divide. However, I felt that if this issue wasn’t Read more

Shalom, Salaam- An Imam and a Rabbi discuss Jewish-Muslim relations

Muslims Against Antisemitism (MAAS) are delighted to host the above event with Kingston Liberal Synagogue (KLS) On Tuesday 26th November 2019, from 7.30pm At MAAS we welcome the opportunity to work with such an active, open and thriving community as KLS, who are allies of ours in the fight against all forms of hate, including hate against Jews and Muslims. The event, coming soon after the end of the 2019 Read more

Salma Yaqoob reflects the grip of antisemitism over the Labour Party

There have been calls from many in the Jewish community, The Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD) and others for the suspension of the Labour Mayoral candidate for Birmingham, Salma Yaqoob. The response is covered in a Jewish Chronicle article here and you can see the response from the Board of Deputies, President Marie van der Zyl below. Ms van der Zyl called Yaqoob’s claim that Israelis are European Read more


On Saturday 27THNovember 2018, shortly after the Shabbat service started at 9.45am at Pittsburgh Tree Life Synagogue, led by Rabbi Jeffrey Hill, an individual with the sole aim of murdering as many Jews as possible defiled what should be a place of holy sanctuary, peace and joy by shooting dead 11 Jewish people. What happened in Pittsburgh was not an isolated incident.It pains us deeply to say it, but due Read more

Standing up to Antisemitism: It’s not always easy, but always necessary

Please listen to Elizabeth Arif-Fear’s personal story that will provide you with an insight into the horrors of antisemitism. It’s an emotional, raw account, which as fellow human beings we should all be able to relate to in the spirit of humanity. We have also included the antisemitic abuse Elizabeth received on Twitter and how people seeing this spoke out in support of her. Here you see the picture Liz Read more

What antisemitism feels like

What antisemitism feels like  “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.” IHRA Working definition of antisemitism Since Jews lived on this earth they’ve been hated, mocked, laughed at, disliked and seen as nefarious controllers of the world just because Read more