About Muslims Against Antisemitism

We are a not for profit organisation made up of British Muslims who believe it is the duty of everyone to challenge antisemitism in all its guises.

We are here to show that Muslims and Jews are not enemies.

The return of antisemitism

We are aware that the monster of antisemitism, the world’s oldest hatred, resurfaces at times of crisis, political upheavals and the rise of populist leaders who have a history of scapegoating Jews.

We are particularly concerned about the growth in antisemitism in part caused by social media where social media trolls will frequently target Jews for abuse. We also see the growth of anti-Muslim Hatred and other forms of hate. We will always speak out against all forms of hatred online.

We also realise that sadly physical abuse against Jews as well as Muslims has risen in recent years. Indeed, statistics from the Community Security Trust (CST), who record antisemitic incidents in the UK, showed that between January-June 2019 there 892 antisemitic incidents, the highest ever recorded number of antisemitic incidents CST has ever recorded in this 6 month period.

Why Muslims should be in solidarity with Jews

The rise in antisemitism is a stain on the shared humanity Jews and Muslims share, particularly as Jews and Muslims have so much in common.

It is our duty as British Muslims to speak out against hatred towards our Jewish Brothers and sisters, no less than anti-Muslim hatred. When one community in the UK is under threat, it threatens all of us who want to live in a country free of hate.

Their fears are our fears, their safety our safety and their tears our tears.

Antisemitism in Muslim communities

Heartbreakingly, we must acknowledge that antisemitism within small sections of Muslim communities has become entrenched and goes unchallenged. For far too long, many have turned a blind eye. This is something as Muslims we cannot do and we need a zero-tolerance approach towards antisemitism in Muslim communities.

We have to challenge and counter this antisemitism often built on conspiracies against Jews that hijacks international causes like that of an independent State of Palestine. If we do nothing relations between Muslims and Jews will be poisoned.

That is why we can no longer allowed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be bought to the streets of the UK, in ways which target Jews and spread antisemitic tropes.

Our commitment

We are committed to educating Muslims and non-Muslims about the dangers of antisemitism and give a voice to the many Muslim voices against antisemitism through our activities, campaigns, events, projects and research.


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Muslims Against Antisemitism is Registered with the Charity Commission (U.K) – Registered Charity Number 1190331