We are a not for profit organisation that is made up of British Muslims who believe that antisemitism in all of its guises, needs to be challenged.

We also believe that antisemitism, the oldest hatred, resurfaces at times of crisis or political upheavals and we are particularly concerned about the growth in antisemitism because of social media, just as there has been a rise in anti-Muslim hatred and in other forms of hate.

This is unacceptable and places up on as Muslims, a duty to stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Their safety is our safety, in a world that is changing and where old hatreds are coming back.

Sadly, we also have to acknowledge that antisemitism within small sections of Muslim communities has become entrenched and goes unchallenged. For far too long, many have turned a blind eye. This is something that we cannot do. We need to challenge and counter this antisemitism which hijacks international causes, like the cause of an independent Palestine, and which uses the politics against Jewish communities. No longer can we allow this to happen.


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