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Muslims Against Antisemitism is a collective group of British Muslims who believe that antisemitism within Muslim communities has gone on for far too long.

We acknowledge that the vast majority of Muslims do not promote or condone antisemitism and we know how much social capital these sets of communities lever into our country for the common good. Through their charity giving and deep sense of morality, Muslim communities are an asset to our country.

However, we also admit and have to be honest that there is a substantial set of people within Muslim communities who circulate anti-Semitic tropes and who use the Palestinians and their quest for statehood, as a means of targeting Jewish communities. This is not acceptable, nor is it acceptable to target Jewish men and women or intimidate them online. Nor is it acceptable to promote antisemitism by repeatedly using the term ‘Zionism’ when targeted at Jews or those who work with, assist or stand with Jewish communities.

We therefore are making a stand, driven by a strong sense of social justice that comes from our Islamic faith, to counter antisemitism within Muslim communities through educational programmes in schools and community centres, by challenging Islamist extremism which fuels antisemitism and through directed online campaigns that reaches out to wider audiences. We will also be undertaking activities around promoting stories and personal experiences around the Holocaust and how Muslims were involved in countering antisemitism through the Holocaust. This does not detract from the fact that there are historical events around Muslims supporting the Reich, though in the totality of Muslim engagement in the Second World War, the majority of Muslim communities supported the Allied efforts.

We regularly run talks and lectures with faith communities – in particular the Muslim community, on helping to tackle antisemitism. We also develop, implement and manage innovative social change projects in order to bridge any divides between both the Jewish and Muslim communities in the UK and internationally.

Such education programmes do make a difference and we believe that by tackling this issue, that relations between Jews and Muslims can be improved.
If you believe that co-existence is possible between Muslims and Jews both in the UK and externally and that antisemitism needs to be tackled, then we would like to hear from you. Only by understanding one another and developing an empathy, can we expect others to defend us against the scourge of anti-Muslim hatred.

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