Our Jewish community must do more to support Muslims attacked by Islamophobes
Wednesday 13 Jun 2018

In May, Muslims very publicly stood together with us. They deserve the same support.


Board president Marie van der Zyl pledges to be ‘committed ally’ of Muslims at interfaith iftar
Wednesday 13 Jun 2018

The president of the Board of Deputies has pledged her solidarity with British Muslims during an iftar event at London’s Central Synagogue.


Muslims, Jews come together for Iftar meal in UK
Wednesday 13 Jun 2018

‘Jews and Muslims are part of same historic family,’ chief rabbi says



British Muslim Group Denounces anti-Semitism in Full Page Newspaper Ad
Sunday 21 May 2018

The Board of Deputies of British Jews praised the ad on Twitter: ‘Incredible solidarity’


Muslim leaders take out newspaper ads denouncing anti-Semitism
Sunday 20 May 2018

British Muslim leaders have taken out a full-page ad in several major UK newspapers to condemn anti-Semitism.


British Muslim group denounces anti-Semitism in full page newspaper ad
Sunday 18 May 2018

“We understand that many in our country empathize with the Palestinians and their right to a sovereign state,” said the ad Thursday in the Telegraph,

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