Muslims Against Anti-Semitism is proud to have run this campaign in a national newspaper highlighting the need to tackle anti-Semitism.

We are committed to ensuring a national debate on challenging hate and in particular, against the oldest hatred in the world. This advert shows our commitment to challenging the hatred of anti-Semitism where we find it, and particularly within small entrenched sections of Muslim communities.

“We Muslims have one word for Jews – Shalom!”

These are some of the wonderful comments we received on the campaign:

I can only stand up and salute you . This is the way forward. Probably the single most important page I have ever seen in a lifetime of reading The Times

As a Jew so thrilled to have heard about your adverts. A perfect example of the true beauty of Muslim faith. Well done

This gives me so much hope and it does not go unappreciated one bit. Thank you x

What a beautiful and welcome message from the Muslim to the Jewish community! Many thanks to Muslims Against Anti-Semitism for this beautiful olive branch. Please share this as it is so refreshing to see good news on social media… we all need it. ps… I feel the same!

In times when the reasons to be hopeful about the future of humankind seem to be waning, messages like this are sorely needed.

This ad in The Times has made my day. Thank you Muslims Against Anti-Semitism

To people in MY country (the U.S.) who say that “good” Muslims never speak up for Jews. Here’s proof you are wrong.

Ramadan Mubarak and thank you for your courage and friendship. I will strive to be as good an ally to Muslims facing hate in my country. Blessings.

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