‘Sheikh’ Asrar Rashid on Jews – Horrendous Language

We have written about so-called ‘Sheikh’ Asrar Rashid before. The man who does the rounds in U.K. mosques and whose previous statements can be found here.

So we decided to view one of his latest videos called, ‘Do Not Sell Your Religion for the World’, (‘Do not sell your deen for dunya’).

In one of his latest videos posted 3 months ago, this is what he said,

“How much will the Yahudh (Jew) pay people to sell off their religion today, (22:18-22:21)”

This statement, along with the others that we have previously reported on should have meant that no mosque accept o rinvite him as a speaker. Yet, the mosque in this video is full of young impressionable minds who have no alternative point of view to the toxic comments of Rashid.

Rashid goes onto abuse the Caliph of the Ahmadi community in the U.K. in the video below. He says:

“….the so-called Ahmadi movement that he is a Khalifa of, according to the US congress…according to Islam he is a kaffir (unbeliever). Anyone who says he (the Khalifa of the global Ahmadi movement – Mirza Masroor Ahmad), is a Muslim, he is a kaffir too”

So much for tolerance, forgiveness and empathy!

Rashid continues to speak and preach in mosques in the United Kingdom to audiences of young men. When will this stop?


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